Metzco Rope Ladder

Rope Ladders do not seem part of the security arsenal, but what do you do if you are caught in an upper floor situation?

Remember, if you are in South Africa, the law states categorically that you must provide safe egress from your building (See our SAFETY Page for more info)

Emergency escape ladders are in short supply, not only in the market but also in the mind.

Most of us give little attention to fire escape rope ladders, which is an often overlooked, but vital piece of security equipment.


This "rope" ladder rolls up into a small lightweight bundle and is ready to drop over a wall, a balcony or out of a window for easy and safe escape.

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Each rope ladder is hand made by the owner and his daughter who care greatly for the safety of their customers. Just as a sky-diver is paranoid about his parachute, so are we about our rope ladders!

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The ideal rope ladder is lightweight yet super-strong and safe, the accessories to go along with our Metzco Rope Ladders can be found on our Accessories page

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"Gerson says that the ladder is exactly what we were looking for. He was very impressed, especially at the weight of the ladder." 

- Antoinette, Kwa-Zulu Inspection Services cc

"We completed 6 towers during our time at Secunda & Sasolburg and all our crew stated that the ladders were the best they have used to date. I also was very glad we chose the Metzco ladders as they suit our needs perfectly, i.e. easily joined, substantial anchoring points, a real quality product."

- Tony Rhodes, Koch Glitsch UK

"The director loved the ladder and we would like to order a 30meter length."

- Julie Tierney PROPS BUYER, Ancient Futures, Pinewood Studios UK

"Ladder arrived yesterday...Very impressed with everything,  quality,  ease of use,  bag enclosure,  slings/snap hook, and Pass Test Certificate.   All good... I would recommend your product to anyone."

- Gerry  (Australia), Australian Oil Rig Company

"Hey dave, all arrive fine! Many thanks mate! really good quality."

- José Luis Ormeño, Jefe Servicios Catalizadores & Sólidos,

LN Servicios Industriales NEXXO Chile

"Hi Dave, Many thanks for the ladder received today, they are magnificent and highly professional."

- Julian Katz, Architect Sandton Jhb

"I am extremely impressed with the ladders you have manufactured for us. I have never seen such great work. Many thanks and I am recommending them to our partners in the industry."

- Marius ClaasenDormac (Pty) Ltd, (Diving Division)

"Dear Dave, We would like to inform you that your Rope Ladder has passed the FAA Tests and is now FAA Approved."

- Lockheed Martin (Netherlands)