Many wise and forward-thinking people are installing these rope ladders as a means for ensuring escape in time of emergency!!

These ladders could be mounted in high-rise buildings so as to afford escape, even from a 20 story sky-scraper.

Metzco rope ladders are recommended by highly reputable architects in Sandton Johannesburg as well as in many countries worldwide.

Do you really want more recommendation?

Feel safe and secure when you order the tried, tested, certified and highly recommended METZCO "Rope" Ladders!!


We manufacture to order with exceptional quality.

Rope ladder angled

Aluminum Rope Ladder

Our Aluminum Rope Ladders are our most requested Rope Ladder as it is lightweight and compact.

As can be seen from these images, our ladders are actually made from super-strong polyester webbing also certified and UV stable as well as resistant to abrasion, each layer has a breaking strain in excess of 2000kg. These webbing ladders are far superior to actual rope as they are stronger, lighter and far more stable to climb. We produce Fire Escape Webbing ladders, Industrial Webbing Ladders as well as aircraft webbing ladders used in helicopter applications for movies, military and sea rescue and much more.

*All Metzco Rope Ladders come with International Safety Certificates to OSHACT D.M.R. 18/5

Rope Ladder Horizontal

Emergency escape Metzco Rope Ladders are not made from rope, which is cumbersome and inclined to "tangle" easily, our ladders are made from high strength UV resistant polyester flat webbing and multi-reinforced and secured. In fact, our webbing straps can withstand well over 2 tons (2000kg) each and we have two, super-stitched with high-tensile, silicone-impregnated UV resistant thread! (feeling safe now?)

Our rungs are made from a very special high-grade 6063/T6, copyright protected, fluted, double thick inner wall, ribbed, non-slip, anodized aluminum. De-burred and countersunk for safe hand protection whilst climbing.

These, virtually unbreakable rungs, are "housed" in a particularly super-strong patented method of trapped-in-place by 60% glass-filled nylon saddles and secured with 12 pop-rivets on each rung. This ensures maximum strength and safety as well as secured to prevent either longitudinal or latitudinal movement and provides friction protection shielding.

Each ladder is pre-stressed to eliminate "stretch" and the patented design is for perfect center-of-gravity hanging for the most comfortable, stable and safe climb, up or down.

Metzco Rope Ladder in Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

New Feature

Our Emergency Escape Rope Ladders now have an inter-linking option.

Attach/build a longer webbing ladder as you go.

Perfect for Mining Companies or Tanks where there are various depths that you need to reach.

Rope Ladder Rolled
Rope Ladder Joint

Glass Fibre Rope Ladder

Our Metzco Glass Fibre Rope Ladders are customarily designed for Acidic environments that would otherwise eat away the Aluminum Rungs on our Standard Rope Ladders

*All Metzco Rope Ladders come with a Safety Certificate

Aluminum Rope Ladder Prices:

Available in:

3M for loft entry(2kg) - R1500.00 each (extra R100.00 for Carry Bag)

5M   for single story escape (3kg) - R2500.00 each (extra R100.00 for Carry Bag)

7M   for a little higher (4.5kg) - R3500.00 each (extra R100.00 for Carry Bag)

10M  Double story (6kg) - R5000.00 each (extra R100.00 for Carry Bag)

15M  WOW! (only weighs 10kg) - R7500.00 each (extra R100.00 for Carry Bag)

20M  (15kg) - R10 000.00 each (extra R100.00 for Carry Bag)

30M Mineshaft (18kg) - R15 000.00 each (extra R100.00 for Carry Bag)

60M Way down the side of South Africa's largest dam walls - R30 000.00 each

Please make sure of your order prior to paying as returns are not possible due to custom nature of each ladder.

Glass Fibre Rope Ladder Prices:

Available in:

3M for loft entry (4kgs) - R2250.00 each (extra R100 for Carry Bag)

5M for single story escape (6kg) - R3750.00 each (extra R100 for Carry Bag)

7M for a little taller (8kg) - R5250.00 each (extra R100 for Carry Bag)

10M  Double Story House (11kg) - R7500.00 each (extra R100 for Carry Bag)

15M  Crane Ladder (17kg) - R11250.00 each (extra R100 for Carry Bag)

20M Rapunzel's back up ladder (22kg) - R15000.00 each (extra R100 for Carry Bag)

30M Into the depth of the mine shaft (33kg) - R22500.00 each (R100 for Carry Bag)

60M Used on Oil Rigs (67kg) - R45000.00 each (no bag for this ladder)

No returns on ladders made to your request, please be sure of  your order.

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Our Rope Ladders are hanging all over the world and in some of South Africa's critical industries, such as:

  1. Mines in Gauteng such as Anglo American as per red box above insist on Metzco Rope Ladders

  2. Deep-sea divers in Durban and Walvis Bay have been using Metzco Rope Ladders for over ten years

  3. Cape Town's world famous Aerial Cableway Company trust our quality and safety

  4. Illovo Sugar have them hanging from their cranes in Zambia

  5. Metzco Rope Ladders are hanging on all the 2010 soccer stadiums in South Africa

  6. Koeberg Nuclear Plant in Atlantis Cape Town

  7. Oil Rigs on international waters rely on our rope ladders

  8. Tank access in Portsmouth USA - yes we export to USA

  9. Slime dumps in Tanzania

  10. Fire Escape Rope Ladders in Paris France

  11. Used by the Russian Embassy

  12. Used by the Canadian Embassy

  13. Used by the Danish Embassy

  14. Our rope ladders are used by huge companies in UK

  15. Even used in movies such as Fear Factor stunts

  16. Our military spec models are being used in the Middle East in the blazing hot desert at over 40deg c and are punished by hundreds of soldiers each and every day!

  17. Metzco rope ladders are used in Scotland

  18. Recently our rope ladders were used in the movies over Victoria Falls, the only choice!

  19. See the pictures of our ladders from helicopters

  20. Rope ladders with glass fiber rungs for Escom and acid environments

  21. Our rope ladders are used extensively in the Middle East oil drilling industry.

  22. We export our rope ladders to Pakistan, Singapore, Abu Dhabi, Chile, Australia etc.

  23. We are proud to be the rope ladder supplier to Contract Resources International.

  24. Although we cannot advertise their name, we supply the largest manufacturer of jets

  25. Metzco Rope Ladders are FAA approved.

  26. Lockheed Martin the biggest aircraft manufacturer, specify only Metzco rope ladders!

  27. Jurassic World 2 Movie stuntman hanging from a helicopter with our Metzco Rope Ladder click here for trailer

Metzco Rope Ladder in Jurassic World 2
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