Spacer Wheels

The perfect companion for a Metzco Rope Ladder in a

House or Apartment. This gadget helps keep the Rope Ladder

away from the wall as you climb down to safety

Cost of Spacer Wheels per set of two is R250

*200mm Diameter Wheels (easily adjustable to any rung)





Wall Spacer

If you require a more permanent fixture (as seen in photo) the Wall Spacer is the answer.

A cost effective alternative to the Spacer Wheels.

Cost per Wall Spacer is R200

*Spacer Bar Measurements: 12mm x 400mm x 100mm


 Sling Set

If you wish to escape over a balcony, then you will require a Sling Set.

These come in a set of two, designed to fit over a standard size balustrade.

A set of two costs R250

*Contact us if you require a larger sized Sling Set

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Certified Safety Rope

Always wise and recommended to anchor your climber to this auxiliary rope using our certified rope grab.

Cost per Metre is R30

*11mm Kernmantle Polyester 3 ton Rope

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Certified Safety Rope Grab

A must for any and all climbing personnel, as required by the safety regulations.

Cost per Rope Grab is R1600





Certified Safety Harness

To protect your climber as he ascends and/or descends our Metzco Rope Ladder by attaching himself to our Certified Safety Rope by using our Certified Safety Rope Grab

Cost per Safety Harness is R380





Certified Locking Carabiner

Spring loaded, quick release for optimum convenience

Cost per Carabiner is R100





Webbing Handles

Two Webbing Handles are perfect for helping you climb on your emergency escape ladder

Cost per Set is R200